Software Updates

Software for Android:




Firmware updates for the device itself:


How to update Power Watcher software:

Software Update

The software can be updated from the USB-flash drive.

USB-flash must have only one volume and formatted in FAT32.

The sequence of steps to update the firmware:

  • Copy the firmware file to the root of the USB-flash drive. (Example: "pwu_2_02.em1")
  • Power off the device.
  • Connect USB-flash instead of the Bluetooth-adapter.
  • Turn on the power.
  • The blue LED should start to blink - it means that the process of firmware update is in progress.
  • Upon completion of the firmware update, the two LED (blue and red) are lit.
  • Disconnect USB-flash. LEDs should go out.
  • Connect Bluetooth-adapter.

On error, red and blue LEDs will be flashing alternately: once the red one, N-times the blue one. Where N - the error code.

Error codes:

  • 1 β€” waiting for the USB-device connection
  • 2 β€” usb-flash has no new firmware
  • 3 β€” usb-flash has no firmware
  • 5 β€” can’t read the firmware file
  • 6 β€” firmware file header read error
  • 7 β€” incorrect firmware file signature