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Endless sphere forums

Endless Sphere

Endless Sphere is an online electric vehicle forum where thousands of electric bicycle enthusiasts discuss ebike topics. It’s a community and a gathering place where people come to share ideas, talk shop, show off their creations and help beginners get into the world of electric bicycles.

Open inverter forum

Open Inverter

This forum has lots of information about various BMS systems, electric vehicle, and energy storage projects. It's a place where you can discuss inverter related topics or tell the world about your project.

Electrotransport forum


The forum contains a lot of useful information on the selection and operation of batteries and accumulators, their various modifications. Here you can find a discussion thread on almost any topic, from creating an electric car to DIY electric bicycles.

Electric vehicle website


If you want to create an electric car with your own hands, then you should definitely visit this website. It contains many useful tips, recommendations, examples, and other important information on the subject of DIY EV cars.

 Creative EV DIY and conversion club


Electroautosam club brings together engineers passionate about creating and tuning electric vehicles. The main goal of the club is the popularization of technical creativity in the field of design and construction of electric autonomous vehicles.

 Electric motorcycle forum


A friendly community where you can talk about electric motorcycles and scooters with like-minded people to learn more and compare notes. It is a great forum to check out for current news and conversation related to electric motorcycles!