Smart Energy Monitoring Device

Power Watcher
Collect various data from your electric transportation device and display it in an easy-to-digest manner on your smartphone.

How It Works

The device measures current, voltage, speed, temperature and other parameters of your electric transportation device, then sends the data via wireless connection to your smartphone.

Main Features

Android Platform Support

The device's mobile app runs on one of the most popular systems in the world - android. Just install the app, connect the device and you're all set. Wherever you are you're ready to use PowerWatcher.

Bluetooth 2.0 Enabled

Bluetooth is an international open standard for device communication. After you pair a device, PowerWatcher automatically sends measured data to your smartphone.

Wide Power Supply Range

The device handles ultra-wide ranges of input currents (24…200V DC), which guarantees efficient and safe operation even in worst possible conditions.

Works with any electric vehicle

Whether it's an electric scooter, a bicycle, or a car, PowerWatcher will work with any e-transport device providing you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Always stay connected with your electric vehicle

BluetoothPhone App

The mobile app is essential to the PowerWatcher experience. It lets you instantly see all the major operational parameters of your electric vehicle, such as voltage, current, power consumption, velocity, temperature, battery energy consumption etc. Moreover, based on these basic parameters application calculates many additional ones, like recuperation percentage, min/max/avarage values of voltage, current and stores them in memory. Regular firmware updates will let you gain access to all of the cool new features that will appear in the future versions of PowerWatcher.

Outstanding characteristics

Power Supply
  • The device also monitors the following parameters
  • Amper/Hours Spent | Total Amper/Hours
  • Watt/Hours Spent | Total Watt/Hours
  • Amper/Hour Recuperation | Watt/Hour Recuperation
  • Charge Level
  • Cycle Count
  • Min Voltage | Max Voltage
  • Max Current
  • Max Speed | Average Speed
  • Temperature
  • Distance
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PowerWatcher in action

App demo on the phone

Device demo on the e-bike


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